Thursday 28 February 2013

Antique dresser in Green

Anyone who knows me, knows my favorite colours are red and green. I know they are Christmas colours and there may be a connection there somewhere. But really Green is my top colour. I love spring and summer and all things green in just about all shades, depending on the application that is. 

I may be colour blind or decorating blind, but I think green goes with just about anything, in any room. 

As luck would have it. I found the perfect project to play with my green paint. 

 Yes I know...the bottom drawer is missing in the pic, but I do have it. I had already taken the handles off since they were just 1980's kitchen handles and sooooooo did not go with this piece.
I did however like the little details at the bottom and the fact that it had it's original wood casters. Those things are special to me. yes I know, it doesn't take much to please me :) 

I did strip it all down, re stain it and finished the top in a dark stain before attacking the body with a simple green paint. 

 I switched out the handles for these cute white distressed ones.
 I did a very slight distressing at all the right spots.

 the top turned out amazing!
This girl is 1/2 solid wood. I'm not sure what kind of wood it is, but I strongly suspect it's Ash. 
Doesn't matter to me since I think it's just perfect the way it is. 
And it reminds me that Spring is just around the corner. 

Bring on Spring!! 

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