Saturday 9 February 2013

The story of two buffets

I am terrible. Seriously I need to start carrying my camera around with me so that I can take pictures the min I get pieces. 
But in my defense I really WANTED to take before pictures of both of these. 

Let me start by sharing the story of the first buffet. 
I picked this up a year ago. Thats right, I said a year ago. I wanted something to sit in my office to hold all my stuff. 
You see I have all my stuff in several different cabinets and shelves and just places all over my office. I thought that by buying one unit I would be able to have everything in order and in my search began. 
I found this girl. 
No glass to deal with, I could hide what I wanted to, and display what I wanted to. Lots of storage and just perfect for me. 
 I mean really, how many times do you find a unit this big with 4 doors instead of two?
 Double shelves on top along with all those little drawers?
 And drawers all the way across...I was in heaven!
And I picked a colour that would match my desk. 

Everything was planned out perfectly...........till my husbands cousins wife came for a visit. You see I was showing her some of my projects and she fell in love with this. I had gotten the top finished but the bottom was "au natural" at that point. She and her husband (my husbands cousin, I'm sure I mentioned that) were/are in the process of building their dream cottage. So when she fell in love with this and told me how perfect it would be in their cottage and how....well you get the idea. 
What was I supposed to do? It was her dream piece right? So no rush...and when there is no rush, I tend to put it off. 
Well I got sick of looking at it half done..I finished it. It's still going to sit here for another month or so till they are ready for it to be moved. 
So sadly I will have to continue my search for my piece. Wish me luck. :) 

Now on to my darker side. 
My husband found this one for me at the Re-store. 
She was in perfect condition, but dated with wire backing to all her windows. But he knew I would love the curves. 
He was right :) 
 She came to me all brown...which of course is something that can easily be changed. I had so many ideas on what to do with her...but black just seemed to scream out at me. 

 I did keep most of her hardware, but the actual knobs just didn't do it for glass it is. The rest received a good coat of spray paint (I used one meant for cars...yes you hear right) You have to go with what works right? :)
 I went hunting for some wonderful damask wallpaper..and finally found this. It was perfect, exactly matching the picture in my mind :)
 I distressed it only on the sharp edges...and rebuilt her.
 Details get me every time :)
 My husband was so impressed he thought he might like to keep her, but I smacked him out of

Sometimes you just have to offer the best to someone that is going to love looking at her as much as I loved bringing her back to life. :) 

Have a great weekend everyone, and I seriously hope you manage to find your way out of the snow! 

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  1. They're both beautiful!!!
    I can only imagine what they looked like before - have done enough of them to see it with my eyes closed LOL
    Great job!

  2. The black one is my FAVE! The wall paper puts it over the top! Very elegant. (Visiting from Miss Mustard Seed)P.S. Now I have to see where you live. Has it already sold?

    1. Hi Angie.
      I still have it and I'm in Ontario Canada. :)