Sunday 30 March 2014

Kitchen Island

Another project that sat in my basement for a LONG time...seriously! 
Unless you consider 3 years a drop in the bucket. 
 These are very brutal before pics. I wish I had original pics but I think that was two computers ago and I seem to have lost them. This was after a LOT of work on it.
 The top was removed in order to really get to the bones and fix all that was wrong.
I can't even begin to tell you what was done to it. The doors were horrid and I had to replace the backs of the doors...they were literally falling apart with lots of pieces missing.

I was asked by a new client to find something she could use as a kitchen island...and my mind went to this photo's were exchanged and an idea came together that I could work with and she could dream about. 

This is the end result. 

 She wanted Black...which seems to suit this piece to a T
 The original top could not be salvaged so we (hubby helped) created a new one from thick oak pieces I picked up two years ago and had planned to use on this piece anyway.

 I found these supports at my "junk" store and they go with it wonderfully :)
 the overhang was left with a "live edge" and I think it fits perfectly!

 A new lining and some more paint..everything sealed and's now ready to go "home"

Even if something is in really rough shape, it can be recreated with a lot of work...and maybe just a few tears (not that I would admit to 

So from this
To this. 
With work and a vision.
I originally bought this to go in my dining room...but I think it took so long because it really didn't belong to me..or my dining room. Funny how that works out sometimes. 

Thursday 27 March 2014

LUUUV! Old and industrial!

So I know you don't spell Love, Luuuv, but it's how I am feeling about this today. 

First the picture I sent my husband. 

Sorry for the poor quality, phones are never the best pics. 
He just said...yeah so? 
Are you kidding me? I was just about jumping out of my skin here. 
The buffet unit on top is solid wood and look at that cart! 
That's right, I bought both! 
Thankfully our daughter was home when I pulled in so I could unload the buffet

 I had been eying up this unit for weeks and was totally shocked that no one had nabbed it. Course it had been over priced (in my world, everything I WANT is over )

 This thing is old I have no idea, but all that detailing is solid's amazing in real life.
Can you imagine building this? I can't..but so thankful there are those out there that did. :) 

Then this...oh my. 
I can't tell you how often I've drooled over these carts. 
And they are getting harder and harder to come by. And when you do, they are super expensive. 

 So to find this was amazing.
 This is now officially the most expensive thing I've bought!

 Look at all that industrial sweetness!

LUUUV! new favorite word :) 

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Tuesday 25 March 2014

More Spring time love

As much as I want to complain about winter, I simply can't do that today.
The sun was shining and the snow was melting, although it didn't get above freezing.
I did get to spend the day with my daughter...and I got a surprise in the mail today. I won't really spoil the surprise, but I will tell you that I plan on blogging all about it soon (I promise)

And I can share another spring time project with you today :)

I love spring and all the colours it brings.
I have a client who had asked me to find her a desk for her photography business. Who am I to say no?
Seriously I love old desks and I love custom finishes. Sharing ideas and bringing it all together. Well my part anyway.

So I found a desk that I hoped would fit her needs.
She said it would...and so the design work began. 
She wanted white and mustard yellow...and maybe lace if it could closely match her business cards.
Obviously I could spend thousands of hours looking for the perfect lace match...or I could get totally lucky and find something that works almost to a T and create this! 

 How great is this mustard yellow top with lace painted top?
 Not a perfect match...but the design is great.
 The original pulls and knobs were reused and painted to match the top.
 All of it distressed.

Including the distressed hardware.
Happy client...happy spring ( has to be soon) And happy me. :) 

And if you are in South Western Ontario

Sunday 23 March 2014

Dreaming of Spring!

Ahhhhhh Spring.
Well kind of.
Just not here yet.
But I live in hope :)

Till the snow melts and the grass turns green I am creating spring in the only way I can.
Through paint!

That's right.
I'm doing a ton of projects and I'm trying as hard as I can to inject spring into the things I touch.

Like this coffee table.
I do actually have a before picture.
Can you imagine...I had so many people tell me it was to ugly. They just couldn't imagine how I could make it into anything anyone would like.
Course, lucky for me they didn't actually tell me that before I

So I sanded and fixed and sanded some more. Then painted two tone

And here she is all her spring glory :)

Normally I like doing a light base with a dark top...but I kept picturing this in green on the bottom.
I almost went back to natural for the top...but that little voice in my head was screaming this slightly off white.

I did a bit of distressing and finished it off with a poly seal.

And of course I updated the knobs with these sweet stars.

And now she is all ready for her new home!

The new owners will also be taking home this wonderful double bed. Double beds are making a comeback, did you know that? Seems everyone is getting them for their guest rooms. I think it's a great idea! 
 What a perfect bed to let your guests rest their heads at night.

 A bit of glaze and a bit of age..brings out all the wonderful details.

I'm really hoping the new owners take some pictures and send them to me. I love seeing it all in their new homes. :) 

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