Thursday 13 March 2014

Teal rules!

Don't throw out all those old and outdated end tables. 

You know the ones I'm talking about. They were very stylish back in the day and everyone wanted them. 
Like this set I picked up the other day. 

These came with the glass tops...which I loved because they were smoked glass and in great shape. But I took the picture with them off. If at all possible I try to remove glass before I travel with them, less chance of the glass breaking that way :) 

The size and shape are great and the fact that there are two of them is a huge bonus! 

It's so hard to see the details in the picture and I should have taken more and better pics, but I could beat myself up over all the "if only's" but that won't get me anywhere. 
So I'll just show you what an old piece of furniture can look like when you add a bit of paint. 
 Aren't they sweet now?
 Under that smoked glass I painted the black a lovely shade of very light grey.
 It's not easy to see but it made a world of difference over the black that had been there.
 I glazed all of it, especially in the details. Now you can actually see the details.

 And of course the hardware was perfect so I just cleaned it and painted it a flat black.
 The inside was cleaned up too with grey paint and just a little bit of glazing around the edges.

Check out those feet! I do believe they look rather regal! 

So don't throw out outdated furniture, a bit of paint goes a very long way :) 

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