Sunday 23 March 2014

Dreaming of Spring!

Ahhhhhh Spring.
Well kind of.
Just not here yet.
But I live in hope :)

Till the snow melts and the grass turns green I am creating spring in the only way I can.
Through paint!

That's right.
I'm doing a ton of projects and I'm trying as hard as I can to inject spring into the things I touch.

Like this coffee table.
I do actually have a before picture.
Can you imagine...I had so many people tell me it was to ugly. They just couldn't imagine how I could make it into anything anyone would like.
Course, lucky for me they didn't actually tell me that before I

So I sanded and fixed and sanded some more. Then painted two tone

And here she is all her spring glory :)

Normally I like doing a light base with a dark top...but I kept picturing this in green on the bottom.
I almost went back to natural for the top...but that little voice in my head was screaming this slightly off white.

I did a bit of distressing and finished it off with a poly seal.

And of course I updated the knobs with these sweet stars.

And now she is all ready for her new home!

The new owners will also be taking home this wonderful double bed. Double beds are making a comeback, did you know that? Seems everyone is getting them for their guest rooms. I think it's a great idea! 
 What a perfect bed to let your guests rest their heads at night.

 A bit of glaze and a bit of age..brings out all the wonderful details.

I'm really hoping the new owners take some pictures and send them to me. I love seeing it all in their new homes. :) 

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  1. That table is stunning! Love the green color and the knobs. So very pretty! When will spring start to arrive there? I'm in the Houston area and it is here for us. The bluebonnets are blooming and the temps are in the 60's and 70's. I can't imagine living in Canada, where it is so cold!!!!! Hope Springs arrives for you soon!

  2. You had me at green bottom! Oh, I just love it with the white top and the star knobs are the perfect touch. GREAT old bed, too. My dd has a double bed in her guest room and it is perfect for me when I visit- I don't need a queen but a twin is too small to be comfortable. xo Diana

  3. That green looks perfect! I would love for you to share on my Chic By You Link Party @ Hope to see you there!

  4. I agree, such a terrific green - and you're so right on the off white top! It just brings such a flair to the whole piece... :)