Monday 17 September 2012

For my sister :)

I've been working on a few pieces for clients. Something I love doing. But I needed a bit of a break. Just when I thought I wasn't going to get one, my sister stopped by and dropped off something she wanted me to do for her. 

She picked this up from a house that was being redone. The owner was going to a nursing home. 
She thought it would make a great hall table and thought maybe I should paint it red. 
In reality it is an old organ bench. The tag from the store that originally sold it is still inside. 
I needed a break, and this was perfect. 
But I wasn't thrilled with her idea. (Sorry sis) So I suggested that maybe it might be nicer to just refinish it. 
I told her I would refinish it and if she didn't like it, I could always paint it for her. 

I refinished it and sent her pics (she lives 2 hours away)
She LOVED it. 
But so did my hubby.

hmmmmm may just have to hold this one for ransom. 
After all...what are sisters for? ;)

Friday 14 September 2012

New Laundry Basket!

I know Laundry baskets are not the most exciting thing in the world. But they are something we all have and we all need. 
I hate that they are all the same size..basically. 
And I hate that they never fit in the spaces I have. 

I made my own! 

A bit of trial and error, some left over wood, a screen and here it is. 
I'm loving it!! 

I hope you do too :)

 This one is custom made for the bathroom at the cottage.
 I raided the kitchen to make it look like it was in use. In reality I couldn't wait to take pictures, it now sits in my bathroom and it's half full.

Sunday 2 September 2012

Wedding day

Good Sunday Morning! 
Normally I don't post a lot about my family. Maybe a few snippits here and there. But I have to share with you some exciting news! 

Our son was married yesterday. :) 
He married a wonderful girl who is just perfect for him. One of my other boys asked me if I thought I was "old" now that I have a daughter in law. I quickly explained my version of old. 

Old is when your grandchildren get married! 

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Period :) 

Here are just a couple of pictures of our son's special day. 

 Getting his cufflinks on at home the morning of.
 Proud father/son picture.
 Before leaving for the church.

 The groom and men? lol
 So many tear jerking moments. Adding the flowers to his lapel. Notice the best man in the background...oyyyy what a goof. lol
 And to my husbands
 And youngest son
 And oldest son
 smoochy moment with my man :)
 Before the ceremony
 The parents of the groom with the groom
 My Three sons :)
 Flower girl with the cutest sign ever. I'm sure the official photographer got a better shot.
 Father daughter after the deed was done :)
 Me and my baby girl
The bride and groom. May you experience all of lifes joys, and few of it's sorrows and may you always find peace and comfort in each others arms! :) 

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