Monday 16 April 2012

French Provincial Makeover

A while back a friend of mine (mostly online, but we have met in person) contacted me with an offer to buy her dining room set from her to make over. She wanted something smaller that would fit her dining room better. 
I said I was interested, but then totally forgot about it. Well time passed and she contacted me again last week wondering again if I was interested. I just happen to have to be close to her later in the day so I said I would come and look at it. 
YEAH...I don't know why I waited so long! 
The set was perfect for a makeover! 
So I paid her and she helped me load it up :) 
I should have taken pics of it before we tore it apart to load in my truck. But we didn' these are the best "before" pics I have.
 Good bones right?
 So they were a little beat big deal :)
 A few nicks and scratches. I don't mind that kind of "love" :)
 Great curves!
 And of course...LEGS! :) 
 This is the original seat 1970's! 
Actually it was stamped on the bottom that said it was built on January 19, 1972.
I wanted to lighten it up...completely. 
I seldom paint anything white, but this was screaming for white. 
But I also love wood and wanted to see if I could bring the top back to natural. 
So that is what I did. 
 I seem to be having an issue lately with my formerly favorite stain (dark walnut) So I have switched to a dark ebony stain. It just gives a much darker, richer look to wood.
 Everything else received a couple of coats of white (home made) chalk paint, then distressed of course. 
The seats were covered in this wonderful damask fabric.

 Honestly...I picked out the fabric first. I needed to know what colour to pick for paint.

 I love love love the curves on this whole set. Who would have thought that simple black table and chairs could turn out so wonderfully :) 


  1. Fabulous job you did. I am so impressed with the beautiful lines of the furniture that you brought to life with white. The damask print fabric look french and fabulous too.

    It's wonderful to see American made french style furniture revived and given a new life.

    1. Thank you Connie..I love local (or semi local) stuff...this set was made in Quebec :)

  2. I have this table in my garage waiting on me. I want to do the same thing. Thanks for the tip on the ebony stain. I will use it instead of the dark walnut. I have been inspired!

    1. Aww thank you Sally, can't wait to see how yours turns out :)

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