Sunday 8 April 2012

First real yard sale day of the season, I'm excited :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. 
I know I did. 
We spent the weekend at the cottage with our grown children around us. It doesn't get better than that. :) 
AND they wanted to spend time with ME garage sailing! 
How awesome is that? 
As I've mentioned before our one son is moving out on his own and is in need of some furniture. He was living with our oldest son...but oldest son is getting married...and well having baby brother living there, it just doesn't work when you get married right? 
I didn't take pics of the things he and his girlfriend bought, I probably should have. They picked up a few kitchen things, an awesome set of lamps and what will be there new (to them) Credenza :) 
Sneak peek of Credenza
 Isn't it cool? It will be much cooler once I've finished with it. Actually it's almost done now as I type this.
 Those aren't real holes. We just removed the marble that was in there so the pieces wouldn't get broken.
 The kids went through all my paints and picked a colour that both of them fell in love with. I can't wait to show you the after pics. Seriously it totally and completely changed the look of this piece :) 
I personally scored a couple of piece of furniture that I can't wait to share with you. 
I will share a couple of smaller pieces. 
Check out this awesome Mag rack. 

 Isn't she sweet? 
I know there is a bit of damage on her, but it just means she was well loved and I can take care of the oop's :) 
I'm thinking white? What do you suggest? 
did you see those legs? drooooool..Oh yeah! 
And what about this picture frame?
 This is seriously old..the wood is sooo dry, and I'm just dying to get a layer of paint on it, and distress it TONS! 

 I'm in Luv!!!
Cute and will look great in my booth :) 
And as you can see, I just finished a cute little side table. 
 I've seen a dozen of these redone and loved every one of them...this was my turn to try it out.

 It's solid and has the cutest little brass feet :) 
 I think it turned out great :) 
It's just so crisp and clean and ready now for someones home :)

And finally I found this really cool suitcase. 

 Inside and out it is in brand new condition. But it doesn't have any labels or identifying anything on it. Ideas anyone?

That's it for this weekend. Hope you were able to get out there and enjoy this great weather do something special with your own family. 
 I tell you, my kids can come along with me any day there is a yard sale. 
Ok...I take that back, my kids can come and spend time with me any time!! 


  1. I think the frame will turn out great. It's got some character. Can't wait to see the credenza

  2. Your day out sounds like loads of fun! You certainly scored some great finds! I love the little table makeover...what a great color! Thanks for sharing at the Rock N Share.