Thursday 12 April 2012

The sweetness of vintage :)

I love antiques! 
I love vintage! 
I love new long as it looks antique or vintage, or can be made to look antique or vintage :) 
On the weekend I shared with you a few small things I picked up at yard sales

I saw this and fell in love. I know, I fall in love all the time, it's a habit of mine. :) 
I took her home and fixed up that nasty crack, then painted it with my home made chalk paint. This is how she turned out.
 Isn't she pretty?

  All dressed up and ready to go! :)
Now I also picked up a bench. One of those old wood ones that was thrown together by someone with a saw and a few nails. 
 I thought it was rather cute.
Some chippy paint :) 
But I wanted to sand it down and stain it. Keep some of that chippy paint...but make it look just a little better so someone could use it in their home. 
I hope I succeeded :) 
What do you think? 
 Ahhh much better. At least now you won't get splinters when you run your hands over it. (I hate splinters)
 See the little bits of paint? No worries, they won't come off, everything is solidly sealed :)

You can't get any more real than this now can you? See what I mean when I say it was thrown together by someone with a saw? LOL 
It's not long...only 27 inches...but those boards are almost 10 inches wide. I love that. 
Off to get some more things done :) 
Enjoy your day :) 

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