Friday 14 December 2012

It all started with a table top

We've had a square kitchen table for years now. I loved it. I really did. I've always wanted one. I like square things. They are easy to work with, I think I may be a bit OCD. Four even sides. How much simpler could it be than that. 
Not fancy..but it served our needs. It was pub height, something I've always liked. 
But every few months my husband would sigh and say he's always wanted a round table. So after living with this for 5.5 years he's gotten his wish. 

It wasn't intentional at all. I was walking in a re store when I saw this table top. No base, no chairs nothing...just the top. 

It's round!
I didn't get a before of the details on the side...which is what really sold me on this. And for $20..I couldn't pass it up. We weren't in a I thought I had plenty of time to find the rest. I was prepared to wait. 
Then I walked into another restore (I frequently travel to several) And I found the perfect matching chairs. Sadly I don't have befores of those either. 
And then at my junk store I found a pedestal base. All of this within 2 was a sign :) 
My husband was thrilled...kind of. 
See we would be going from a tall table to a normal height table and neither of us was sure about it...but we were willing to give it a go. 
He wanted it I set to work. he picked the fabric and I did the work. 
 The top was in EXCELLENT shape, so I didn't refinish it at all :)
 The base isn't a perfect match...but it holds up the table till I come across one I like better.
 What really sold me on this top was that wonderful detail...isn't it sweet?
 The chairs are perfect as well. And I just love the fabric hubby chose.

See the gorgeous detail to match the table? Ok..not a perfect match, but's pretty darn close and I'm thrilled with it. 

The old table and chairs were sold in 2 days so I was able to bring this up and we all sighed and wondered if we would ever get used to seeing and sitting at such a "kiddie" table ever again. 

We are still working on that. But hubby has his round table and as long as he is happy...I'm happy. 

Now I want to take a moment to remember the families involved in that horrendous shooting today in CT. 
As a man I greatly admire said today. If you are a praying person, please pray hard. If you aren't a praying person, now might be a good time to start. 
I'm praying for these families. All of them. The ones who lost their children, parents, co workers, siblings. The ones who saw or heard what was happening. The people of that small town. And lastly for the family and friends of the shooter. They too need to heal. 
And I pray for my own family. 
It is at times such as this I reflect and remember all the nights I nursed sick children, I kissed boo boo's. I rushed children to the hospital for broken bones and diabetes diagnosis. I remember the nights I laid awake waiting for my teens to come home from work or an evening out with friends or sports. 
I remember the long hours sitting with my children as they struggles over homework. How I pushed them to do their chores, how I fought with them over things that seemed important at the time but which I can't seem to recall now. 
And I feel blessed. Very blessed to still have them with me now. 
So tonight, hold your family just a bit closer and let them know you are blessed for having them in your life. You just never know what the morning will bring. 

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