Monday 5 May 2014

Hardware boxes

A little over a week ago I picked up a pile of boxes. 

Hardware boxes to be exact. 
If you are old enough to remember, hardware stores sold screws etc in bulk. Some still do, but now they are sold out of clear plastic bins. 
But "back in the day" they had big units, kind of like card catalogs that held all the little stuff.
I'm not sure what happened to the original unit...but I now have a pile of drawers. 

See all the yummy boxes? 
Some were wood on the ends and galvanized steel for the body. Some were just wood. 
But a great grouping. 
Then I picked up a two drawer unit. You know the kind from an old treadle sewing machine. 
Sorry, no before pic. 
So I had a bit of fun painting it all.. 
 Some got a combo of green and white

While others got a combo of white and blue. 

And the sewing drawers got a great combo of green and white. 
I totally see this unit on a bedside table to toss in your earrings or bracelets at the end of the day..or whatever you have in your hair. 
Or set beside your phone to become an "on the counter" junk center.
Maybe even hold all those pictures that accumulate on the fridge. 
Ohhh I suppose it could be used for just about anything really. 
And then to switch things up, just a bit...I left a couple "au-natual"
What ideas to you have for these boxes? 

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