Sunday 11 May 2014

Pretty Yellow Princess

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Ever hear the "to all you hard working moms" 
All moms are hard working. From the min you go into labour you work hard. I think that's a given! 
So to all moms, I just wish for you a bit of peace, and day of pampering and a shower/bath alone without some little (or not so little) voice screaming that the world is falling apart because you are in the bathroom ALONE! 

Now onto what you came here for. 

I am always asked where I find my pieces. Those amazing finds I seem to get all the time. Some of it is pure luck. Most of it is developing relationships. 

A couple of years back I met a man who loves to go to yard sales and auctions. He does it for fun and makes a decent living doing it. Every couple of weeks he holds his own yard sale of sorts. Opens to the public at 8 am. He told me (because I go so much) to not wait. That he starts setting up by 5:30 am and to just stop by before he opens. 
So I've been doing that for a while now. 
I get to see stuff that is hot off the press...or fresh off the back of his truck :) 
Like these pieces I nabbed from him this week. 

 First up is this antique china cabinet. Other than the wood detail on the front glass it was in great shape!
 And then this early 1800's chest of drawers. Yes it's in rough shape, but I've got plans :)
And this oh so pretty sideboard with mirror and shelf. Can't wait to get started on this one too. 

But lets start at the top. 
The china cabinet. 
Time was limited, so I started with that one. 
I needed to feel like I had done something this I ripped apart and cleaned it before magic happened. 
 I again used my own chalk paint but started with a primer.
 More than a touch of distressing, then sealed it all with a poly.
 It's hard to see in this light, but the inside is a pure white.
 And don't you just love the drawer?
 Check out the bulkiness of those legs!
 I did replace the hardware with other vintage pieces I've been hoarding umm saving.

 I filled it with other yard sale finds...but think this would be perfect in a bathroom.

What better piece to show off on a day when it's all about family. :) 


  1. Beautiful! I just bought one of these today! Can't wait to fix'er up now!

  2. Wow - I need to find a yard sale like that. You brought home some beauties! Thanks for sharing them at Knick of Tie Tuesday - I love the one you've finished!

  3. Love the color and the legs! Now I want one...