Sunday 4 May 2014

Work on the Cottage continues

I should have left it alone.
It's going to look amazing, swear.
But when I look at the mess we've created, and the amount of work involved...I cringe!

 This is what we started with...the kitchen has gone through two transformations. First we painted the walls to get rid of that washed out and very dirty faded blue  and the extra wood in the pass through was removed.

 We also removed the bar area and painted the built in that is behind the bar. That's getting another transformation this summer as well.
 The wine holder was taken down and the fridge was relocated to under the stairs in the cubby there.
Most of the light fixtures were replace and the fans taken down, cleaned and painted.

Then this last year we replaced the entire bathroom downstairs. 
This is what it looked like...and now it looks like this
The kitchen now looks like this

Now onto the great room. 

We moved everything into the center of the room and removed the window treatments and went nuts on all the trim. 
This is the part that had me wondering if I had lost my mind completely. 
All that taping then all the windows and doors painted....I was ready to throw that paint brush out. 

 Two sliding doors and three floor to ceiling windows plus a set of french doors along with that opening under the stairs as well as two more windows.....didn't take pics of it upstairs (same room) that has 5 doorways (three bedrooms, bathroom and hall closet)

 I was ready to lose my mind!

I have a totally new respect for all that pre primed mdf trim! 
But my vision is coming really is. 
I can't wait to see it done! 

as soon as I take a break by painting furniture and getting some custom orders done...I'll think of the cottage next weekend ;) 


  1. I hate all the taping that takes so much time as well.. But you'll be so happy when your vision is becoming reality!

    1. I know...but then again...once I get something in my head it has to get done like yesterday! I'm crazy like that!