Monday 18 November 2013

Weekend projects.

Ever try to relax?
I do try. 
Went to the cottage, my workshop is closed up there...but I had a couple of "small" things and some paint......hmmmm what to do? 

Just do them? 

Brought them into the cottage, got out some old newspaper, placed it on the floor and after a bit of sanding...came up with these

 Very cute coat rack!
 Yes I know, I forgot the before pics, but aren't these after pics cute?
Love it now! 

 I almost got a before pic ;)
 Awesome little library table
 I love these tables. Of course I'm a lover of books. And these are great for keeping your books handy.
 These details get me every time!
 Then I found this candy dish.
 It's all hand carved, and the details are amazing!

 I seriously considered painting this, but I just couldn't do it. It's even signed by the artist.


  1. Yeah... I'm not too good at sitting still either :) I'm featuring your cute table in this week's PoPP Spotlight. Oh... and I think you made a good choice, I would't have painted it either.