Thursday 21 November 2013

All about Beds!

It's going to be a busy day here, but thought I would share a couple of goodies waiting for me to work on. 
Just a few before pictures of some beds I have waiting. 

First this solid Elm head board. 

I'm seriously considering making this one into a Bench...what do you think? 

Next in line is this sweet Twin sized bed, with all the goodies, rails and slats etc. 
I keep thinking that depending on the paint picked, it would be great for either a girl or a boy. 

 Not sure what the wood is, but it's solid and the bolts that go with this are all hand made, I really should do a bit of research on this baby.

I believe this is called a spool bed? 

Then finally a custom order, and probably one of the sweetest beds I've seen in a long time. 

Don't mind the condition and the's all part of the process right? 

Now to finish up my coffee and get to work.....going to be a great day :) 



  1. the spool bed is dreamy!

    stop by when you have a moment for some lovely!


    1. Working on that one now for a little girl..the transformation will be amazing :)

  2. Boy howdy I what you have to work with!
    Smiles, alice

  3. Oops love what you have to work with!

    1. hahaha...I want so many yummy things I see online. I have one done now and can't wait to take some great pics :)