Tuesday 10 May 2011

This and that

I thought I would share a couple of things I've been working on in the last little bit. Just a bit of a photo diary of the last couple of months. 

 This little table I picked up off of kijiji for only $5. We desperately needed something on our back deck for extra space to set drinks etc. 
So I sanded it down, primed, painted, distressed, stenciled and finally glazed it. Then sealed it with some wipe on poly. This is the end result...do you like? 

Just as I was finishing this project my second son sent me a picture from his blackberry. 
 He then asked me if I was interested in taking on a project for him. Ummm "how well do you know me son?" LOL Seriously, its for my son and it's free..you just can't beat that can you? 
So of course I took it on. 

First I wiped it down, sanded it, stained the top and asked DS (dear son) what his favorite colour was, you know that changes from year to year right? His answer..ORANGE. Ummm ok, but I don't have any orange paint, and I was doing this one on the cheap. So I suggested he might like red? He thought that would be just fine and he trusted me to make him happy. 
 I had taken the back off and covered it with textured wallpaper, then painted it the same colour as the rest of it. I re used the hardware after spray painting it black. 
I distressed it and did a bit of black glazing on it then sealed it with a few coats of poly, sanding lightly betweeen coats. 
And here is the end result! 

I added that shelf in there as the previous owner had taken one out and removed the doors. I thought of adding doors again, but my son didn't want them on. 

What do you think? I really really like this red, and can't wait to find another use for it. 
Happy mom, happy son :)


  1. This look s great! I love the red and I love that your son sees the benefit of free furniture and a talented Mom! Great job!

  2. Good work! I am also a "Crafty Canadian"
    I am not even sure how I found you, but I am glad I did!

  3. Bravo!Please,tell me,what paint you are use?
    I will be happy you join on my blog:)