Sunday 25 March 2012

The Table is done!!!

Another week has passed. What a busy week this has been. 
I finally managed to get  my antique oak table and chairs finished. 
Remember the before pics? 

 You can read all about it HERE
Now this table and chairs is destined to not be sold! 
I so wanted to keep it. Sadly I don't have extra kitchens hanging around to place it in...BUT I do have a son that will be moving out on his own in a month! 
PERFECT right? 
So my dear son (and his g/f)
My gift to you. :) 
 These chairs were a score from a yard sale last summer. I picked up all 6 of them for $1 each!!
They are from the Cochrane chair company. Yes I did the research on them. And according to the labels found on them, they were made somewhere between 1877 and 1899.
 Of course they had to be reupholstered. Not a big deal since I now have my handy little electric stapler. But very time consuming when I had to take all the old stuff off and get all those nasty little nails out before redoing it all. 

 The chairs were sanded down, primed and given a fresh coat of paint, then distressed to bring out the natural wear and tear these chairs have received over the years.

 Didn't the table top turn out lovely?
 Didn't it all turn out lovely? I had to take pics in the garage because at that time it was raining. I had every intention of taking the whole set outside and taking lovely pics on the grass...but sadly that just didn't work out :(

 Notice I forgot (again) to bring my extra wheels along to the cottage. 
No big deal. This set isn't being sold here and I still have time to get those wheels on before it goes to its forever home. 
Ohhh before I forget. I wanted to share with you the lovely flower that are in full bloom here at the cottage. 

 Happy Spring!! 


  1. This set looks wonderful, your son and his girlfriend will love them I'm sure!

  2. Thanks Rona. They have seen pics but will see it in person in two weeks. I'm so excited :)

  3. What a beautiful job you have done!!! Megan