Friday 20 July 2012

And the dressers never end !

I seem to go in spurts. 
For a while there in the spring and early summer I was doing a LOT of tables and chairs. I just seemed to stumble across some great ones and couldn't pass them up. 
Before that it seemed I was doing a lot of desks, and before that, it was all about buffet and hutches. 
I seem to be coming across a lot of dressers right now, and I"m nabbing them. My poor garage, basement and the garage at the cottage are stacked full of "stuff". 

So what did I do at lunch today? I went looking for more of
I am sitting at the office while the back of my truck is holding a very nice Wardrobe. :) 

Can't wait to get started on that, course I have a few dressers to get done before that.....hmmmm anyone have a few hours they can lend me? 

The other day I was cruising through kijiji while on a break at the office (part time job which will end in Oct) and I came across an add for a couple of dressers. I called the guy up, and went to look at them at same night..then went back the next night with my hubby (who indulges me) 
I came home with these. 

This one is solid maple. I have no idea when it was built and it does come with a mirror which I'm not fond of. so not sure what I'm going to do with that.
 This one is solid oak..there was NO WAY I could bring it in in one piece.
 But look at those drawers! Don't you just love the curves. AND the locks work!!! (Happy dance)
 I tried looking this one up online.
The closest I could come up with as far as age and style is concerned is this. 

Obviously not exactly the same, but detailing and wood are roughly the same. 
And age is within about 10 years of each other. 

I was SOOOO thrilled to start work on this I didn't bother trying to take pictures of it during the process (I know I know I'm bad) 
But this is how she turned out. 

I wanted some kind of show stopper. I almost picked teal for this one, but will leave that for the Maple dresser on the top of this post.

 I "primed" it with a chalk paint in white because I wanted to do an overall distressing and wanted white to show through.
 All those great details now just kinda pop out at you don't they? There were even details on there I had no idea where there till I really got up close.
 The top was sanded back to wood and a coat of "dark walnut" stain was applied before sealing it. The mirror was in such great shape that all I had to do with is was clean and polish it.
Now I'm wondering if I should leave the mirror off and sell it as is and sell the mirror separately. 
I really don't know, I'm so torn on this. 
What would you do? 

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  1. I love it with the mirror on it, it is a gorgeous dresser. You did a great job,love all of the details on this dresser. I went through a dresser faze last year, garage was full. Now I have become a chair hoarder, I miss the dressers, chairs are so much work to paint. Gorgeous dresser, I don't think you will have that one for long.

    1. thank you. I hear you on the chairs. Along with all the tables were the chairs. Right now if I never see another chair again, I will be (till another catches my eye that is, ohhh I know I'm going to eat my words)

  2. So stunning! You did a wonderful job on this!

    1. thank you. I just started following you. Great work :)

  3. the dresser is a beauty, i love the lines!

  4. lauren I'm so happy you like it. I LOVE your work and check out your blog on a reg basis. :)

  5. Beautiful! I like the dresser with the mirror. But you can always ask the customer if they want it with or without.

  6. You really have an eye for good finds. And adding a modern twist to it makes it even more beautiful!

  7. This is so pretty! I love the style of the dresser and the color combination! Wonderful job! Visiting from Domestically Speaking.