Tuesday 13 November 2012

Union Jack, my new friend

I admit it. I'm in love with Union Jack. 
I saw a lot of these being done in the blogging world and always wanted to try it. 
But I was nervous. 
Then I tried one on the weekend. Check it out HERE
To refresh your memory I finally took some real "after" pictures. 

This was a great starting point. I was able to tape out the design without doing the drawers. EASY! I followed a pattern online. Please don't ask me to find it again..just google union jack pattern. 

Then because I was feeling the love of the piece...I thought I would attempt the front of another dresser. 
OYYYYY boy was I cocky. 
Getting that tape to sit right and do what I wanted it to do was not as easy as doing the top. My hat off to all of you who do more than this simple design. 

I grabbed a dresser that I had picked up two weekends ago. 
And I did remember to get "before" pics...and you have to know I suck at the before ones. 

 Simple but solid and no repair needed....or so I thought.
 There was this funky piece of pressboard screwed to the top...for what reason? I have NO CLUE
Easy enough to take off. Then stripped, sanded, stained...the whole thing so that when I distressed it, a dark stain would show through and not light wood. 

After a few curse words and a lot of tape...I came away with this. 

 I'm really like the handles. I was told that if you have an accent piece of furniture that you shouldn't have "loud" handles. They should be nice but not distracting.
 I'm not sure I will ever get over the love of a natural top with a painted bottom.

ahhhh eye candy. At least for me it is. 
Hope you guys all had a wonderful Tuesday. 
Now to get back to working on a "pile" of chalk boards. 

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  1. Gorgeous job! Love the shade of blue you chose :)
    I've done a LOT of them and practice does not necessarily make perfect LOL - but the distressing stage helps hide imperfections

  2. That's really a beautiful job! I still haven't given it a try but I'm going to! I always seem to be at the tail end of blogland in terms of getting 'er done!
    Peggy @ The Painted Pear