Monday 23 September 2013

Mustard Yellow dresser

It's getting towards the end of September and I haven't blogged in a LONG time. 
Initially I thought I would take the month of Aug off in order to focus more of my time on actually putting a few really special projects together and getting out the door some of the things that were piling up in my workshop. 
But as so many things go..the more focused I became on doing that, the less I thought about blogging, till it was late at night. 
And I promise to share more here and I will try to have more of a balanced life between work and blog. 
So lets get started shall we? 

 A while back I picked up this wonderful antique dresser..or is it vintage? Actually I don't care. I just loved it. And so I brought it home with me. But as with so many things..I don't have a "before" picture. I know I"m bad..sigh, trust me I'm more mad at me right now than you are. BUT I do have after pics. My mustard yellow dresser! 

This one flew out the door so quickly I don't even remember why I painted the top. 
Hope you enjoy the pictures and stay tuned, I have so much to share I may be posting once a day till I get caught up :) 

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