Saturday 5 July 2014

Dresser to bench X 2

Good morning. 
I hope all my American friends are enjoying their long weekend. Happy Independence day to all of you! 
Here in Canada it's prime vacation season. 
Everyone going to the cottage or "tenting" it. Do you use that term? 

So I thought I would do some great summer projects. 

I started out with two dressers. 
I can't seem to locate the before picture of the second dresser. I seriously need to find a better system for filing pictures. 
But it looked kinda like this. 
 But the drawers were broken and I couldn't remove them from the frame in one I ripped them out and started the tear down.

I repaired the drawer with new bottom and fixed sides and back. 
And turned that dresser into this. 
 For some reason I wanted to add some toppers to it. So I used an old spindle from something..not sure what it was, but it works perfectly for this.
 Then I found this perfect material :)

All sides were done and it's ready to find a new home. 

Then this white dresser. I wish I had more pictures. This was in such bad shape. I'm not kidding. The top was lifted up and bowed probably more than 1/2 an inch. And the side were gouged so badly!
So instead of trying to straighten the top I decided to do a different kind of bench with it. 
 I completely removed the top, the top two drawers and structurally rebuilt the bottom. Then found a piece of wood that I could cut to the right size for a seat. 

 I spent a LONG time doing repair the painting seemed easy :)

 Some great material, amazing knobs...and she is also ready to find a new home. :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.....Me? I watched Brasil win yesterday, going to work on some custom orders today and then watch the Netherlands play late this afternoon.

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