Wednesday 19 November 2014

Desk Top Organizer. Before and after!

 A couple of weeks ago I came across this wonderful piece. 
At one point in it's life it lived inside a desk where no one but the owner could see it. 
What a shame! 
Ok yes...rough shape, but look at all those drawers. Don't you drool over drawers? I know I do. 
That and legs (but that's a story for another day, focus with me ok?) 
You can read the before story HERE

After a bit of ripping apart, sanding and putting a back on it. Paint and lots of new glass knobs....
I'm DONE! 
Ohhh and I added legs.
Super happy with how she turned out. 

 I cleared the store out of clear glass knobs. I may have to go back for more, or switch out some of the clear ones and replace with more blue. So conflicted. What would you do?

 Grain sack stripes, a bit of distressing to keep it authentic.

Ohhh and the secret compartment. I love it! 
Now to fill it up or sell it. 
So happy with it, I think I may just drool for a bit more before deciding ;) 

The dedicated House
Miss Mustard Seed 

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  1. I like the color combo. Turned out nice. But since you asked,,,,,change out the knobs. Between the stripes, the two color combo, all of those drawers going up and down, and 20 knobs, well, you just have too much going on!! Tone down the knobs because they are competing with your piece. What would it look like if you used the original wood knobs and painted them black? or even white?? Not sure I would even like the clear crystal knobs. They're pretty, but they stand out too much. And absolutely stay away from the blue knobs. I think they're great, but too much on this piece. Less is more.