Saturday 29 October 2011

Baby blue shelves

Saturday night and I'm just sitting down now. Yes I realize it's almost 10:30 pm. 
I just wanted to share with you my latest project. I posted it online for sale and it sold almost immediately! 
 When I started redoing furniture I was so scared of painting it. I'm getting braver though. I still love refinishing fine furniture that beg me to refinish it, but I'm really loving using colour on smaller pieces. Bare with me as I continue to grow into all of this and thank you to all those who have been braver before me and sharing their expertise online :) 
Here are the shelves. 
Tired, so not saying much tonight, I'll be lucky to get all the pics posted before falling asleep ;)

  I'm so happy with the way this turned out. Yes I did do a happy dance and made my daughter roll her eyes. What's a mom to do? :)

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