Sunday 30 October 2011


I'm up early I know. I went to check on a few projects I'm just finishing up. And I got to thinking...I know, dangerous to start thinking before 7 am, but that's how I am :) 
How important is it to you to have quality? 
When I buy a piece of furniture I always think about the quality of the piece. I try (and I mean I really try) to buy things that aren't just pretty in my minds eye, but pieces that are built to last. I don't mind if they are damaged, damaged can be fixed or recreated to be something else. 
When a piece begs to be painted, I always sand, used high quality primer and finish it with a high quality varnish. I want my customers to be happy with it for years to come. 
So tell me. Just how important is it to you to have that in the furniture you buy?

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