Monday 14 November 2011

Antique Desk, finished.

Well it's done. :)
It's not perfect, but that's one thing I like about antiques, they are like people, not perfect but beautiful and totally unique in their own way. 
I love scratches and character lines, they show how well loved a piece is. 
Thankfully this one didn't have any of those really deep stains that are impossible to get out (working on one of those right now). 
So here are the after pics, I hope you enjoy them. 

 Anyone that knows me, knows I love to research things, furniture is no different. So I found out this piece is made of walnut on the outside, and mahogany and gum wood on the inside. The stain I used was a dark walnut stain, then a few coats of minwax poly to protect it. I love minwax, I've tried a few other brands, but this just seems to work the best for me. 
Ohhh I so wish I could keep this one. 


  1. I love this one, did you end up selling it?

    1. Never mind I just looked on you sold page. :)
      I would like to find a venue to sell my stuff, I am stopping in at a store next week to look around and take a few projects in.