Sunday 8 January 2012

Sneak Peek. Farmhouse buffet!

Just putting the finishing touches on this wonderful piece of history. 
I picked this up MONTHS ago, but just never got around to redoing it. I have to admit, it was working wonderfully in my workshop to place items on and in while I was working on other pieces. But the other day, I thought to myself...I just need to get that done and out of here so I have more room in this place. Sooooo, I cleared it out and found another piece that will sadly be neglected for a bit to hold my "stuff". 
I will get the after pics for you tomorrow after I drop it off at my booth. (will take the pics before it goes)
This baby was BRUTAL! Most people would leave it, burn it..or just pretend they didn't see it. 
 See what I mean? BRUTAL

See the black spots on the doors? Those are cut out pieces of plastic and glued on.

Did you see the top? Let me get a better shot. 
Or maybe this shot? 
Have you figured it out yet? 
Isn't that just so special. OY..who puts linoleum on furniture? Seriously? 
So that is your sneak peek, time to go add knobs and do my final sanding and take some more pics of another project I'm finally done. Stay tuned, tomorrow will be an exciting day :)


  1. You will not believe this, but I too had such a gem! And it was pretty much identical, except that mine had knobs, and was painted yellow over many other layers of thick paint colours, and instead of linoleum it was topped with some kind of flooring tile/glue from who knows when- it was attached with black tarry stuff. Chiseled it off. Hope you have an easier time than I did, but I suspect you are quite a bit more skilled!

  2. I think your being kind when you say brutal, but I am sure you will turn it into something beautiful

  3. I am done, I just have to haul the camera out now and take pics.
    Jellyfish I would love to see what you have done. It was a real fight to get this thing back to the point where something could be done with it, so I really do feel your