Monday 30 January 2012

Buffet/sideboard Love!

Wow, what a few busy weeks I've had here. I wish I could post every single project, but I just don't seem to have the time :( I do have a lot of pics and a lot of stories..maybe I can save them for slower periods? I will try. 
For today I really want to share my sideboard. I found this on Kijiji (Canada's favorite buy and sell site) 

I have to tell you. Some sellers are just a bit on the strange side. The person I picked this up from had a line of people waiting to take this. She would not tell anyone that it was sold till someone came with the money. None of that SOLD PPU for her (sold pending pick up) 
When I got there she wanted me to pay for it, then to leave it there. Ummmm no. I will pay for it, and take it right away thanks :) 

So then it sat in my basement. I had some custom orders to finish and some emergency orders to get out of the way (for my booth) I wanted to really devote proper time and thinking into what I was going to do with it.

Well I finally got to it. BUT like always (almost always) I didn't take any before pics :(
BUT........ I did take some pics part way through the ummm fixing. 
 So it did need a little TLC. As you can see.
 When I went to lay it down to start working on it, two of the legs literally fell off! I'm not kidding. I'm surprised they stayed on for the ride home in the back of my truck!
 The two middle legs were wonky/ glued on so they were not exactly straight (understatement) So naturally I had to remove them. But that turned out to be a bit more than I expected. Seeing as the other two fell off, I thought this would be easy. As you can see, I ended up having to saw them off. Had to drill out the existing dowels and replace them. Glue them and put them back. MUCH stronger now! This baby won't ever come apart again!

Patience is not one of MY waiting for everything to dry, just kills me! But I'm getting better at it. I find something else to do while waiting (normally at least over night) 
I tell you, all that effort was more than worth it. 
 I stained the top and painted then distressed the bottom (lightly distressed)
 I think it turned out beautifully! I'm really in love with bulky or unusual legs and this fits my passion so perfectly!
 This piece is so solid, I actually dropped it when I was finally ready to get it back up on it's wheels. Nothing moved :)
 Painted the inside a dove grey, the outside is a very very VERY light Robins egg green (gotta love oops paint)

 I was going to replace the hardware, but it's all original, so I cleaned it up and put it back. I seriously could not have gotten something that would have matched this better.

LOVE that it still had all it's original wheels. I can't tell you how many times I pick something up and the wheels have been removed or destroyed. So when I get something that has it all, I'm over the moon! 

So tell me what you think. Comment below :) 

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  1. Well Titia, you've done it again! Well done! You have a great "eye" for vintage chic.

  2. I love that you kept the top unpainted! I think it makes furniture look more balanced.

  3. Beautiful Buffet. I wouldn't change a thing. I am cruising around blog land and saw you at Serenity You. If you have not shared this yet at the Bacon Time linky, I would love for you to do so.
    Have a great weekend.