Tuesday 1 May 2012

An amazing trip.

We had an amazing trip. 
Last week was birthday week in our house. Two of our boys had birthdays on Thursday and my husband had his birthday on Friday. And before you jump to conclusions. Our boys are not twins. They were born on the same day, two years apart. But I swear most days they do "act" like they are the same person! 
They tend to think the same way...finish each others sentences etc. It's scarey at times. Even more so when you realize they are not related by blood in any way. Our oldest son is adopted (at birth). Not that that is important, it just makes it a bit freaky when watching them..lol 
Anyway. They are both adults and I only felt a tad bit guilty for leaving them on their own for their birthdays. You see my husband and I needed a break. So I took my husband on a bit of a road trip. 
We started out Wed afternoon. 
We ended up in PA for the night and stayed at a wonderful little B&B. 
If you ever need a B&B in PA, I highly recommend this place. It's out in the middle of nowhere, but perfect for people like us who love history and antiques. 
Gail (the owner) has a little shop where she sells her home made preserves and a few antiques along with some furniture that is made to look antique. 
Both her barn (converted to her home) and the original farmhouse are FULL of originals. 
 I love this idea. Seeing as we were traveling into the evening, we noticed that a lot of the homes had candles (obviously not real) lit in the windows. What a great way to welcome visitors.
 This is probably my favorite piece in the farmhouse. An old apothecary file.  
 I'm not sure what to call this other than a kitchen cupboard? I'm sure some of you know the real name for it. but it was a great add on to the kitchen.
 Outside on the wrap around porch there were quite a few wonderful finds. This little antique table and rocking chair were very welcoming. If it had been warmer I probably would have had my morning coffee sitting there.
 Then there was this beautiful couch. You can't really tell from these pics, but it can be folded out to make a bed. And the sides open to hold books/papers/ magazines/knitting. Whatever you want really.

 She had a few old benches sitting out there as well. I think this is an old church pew.
 More comfort seating. Can you see the bits of snow in the back? They had a snow storm just a few days before we got there.
 What about this old chippy painted bench. I just love the character of these things.
 I think this belonged to an old sawmill???
 And all the buildings, both old and new were covered in cute little pieces. See the barn in the background. That has been converted to their home/breakfast room and shop. The place was PACKED full of antiques.
How cute is this little set up? 

I'll share more later...for now I have to get back to work. It was an amazing, inspiring trip and we can't wait to start planning our next get away! 

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