Friday 11 May 2012

Somedays I learn from my struggles

Some days I really do learn, then beat myself up over the fact that I "had" to learn.
You see one of the things I keep telling myself is that I really do need to just trust my gut. Have you ever been there?
How many times do you second guess yourself? I do it all the time!
You see I picked up this set of night stands.
 I knew I could do something with them...and a colour popped in my mind. But when I got back to the cottage (which is where I was at the time) I didn't have the right colour that was in my mind. Soooo I tried something different.
A light off white colour. I hated it :(
Then I tried mixing a colour to match the colour in my mind...didn't like that either, although it was better and I love the colour I mixed, but not for this piece. I so wanted TEAL! it was screaming for it.
So I did what every good blogger does.
I walked away from it.
And I went home.
This is a pic of the second colour I tried.

So then I thought I would check out my local Lowes store to see what they had for "oops" paints.
They had just the colour that was in my brain. I love when that happens. Almost did a happy dance right there in the store! :)
But I kept my cool. Calmly lifted the can and quickly walked to the check out, paid for my purchase and as I as walking to the truck I kept having that old Ikea commercial flashing through my head. You know the one.."start the car, start the car" LOL
So back to the cottage I went. Ok, it was a few days in between but I got back there, and I got to work.
First coat...HAPPY ME!
Isn't that MUCH better? I thought so :)
So then I was able to finish it off.

 NOW they matched the picture in my mind. 
And they are SOLD already! 
They will be off to their new home on Monday. :) 
I hope you enjoy them Jacqui! 

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Miss Mustard Seed 


  1. So cute. I love them. I'm so glad you shared at Furniture Friday.

  2. Perfect color. Love the way they turned out.