Thursday 23 August 2012

I love the Re Store

People are constantly asking me where I pick up the pieces I find.
Mostly I think I'm very lucky.
I don't have "one" spot that has everything. As you can see from my past posts I do find some things on the side of the road. Other times I get lucky at yard sales, or auction sales or estate sales. Sometimes people give me things they just want "out of my house".
There are times I stop in at one of the local Re Stores. That was the case with this girl.
 See I really am bad at taking before pictures.
As you can clearly see I as working on taking the veneer off the top of it.
There was some major damage to the veneer and it really did need to come off.
 For those of you who don't know how to do this. It's time consuming, and a lot of patience is needed but the actually process is rather simple.
 A hot iron (don't use the same one you use with your laundry please) a wet towel, a lot of patience, a hammer and a scraper. Wet the towel, place hot iron on it and let it warm up the glue used to glue the whole thing down...then peel off. Some are easier to remove than others. And please don't gouge the wood.

This one came up rather easily. But the wood was very soft in some spots :( So some of the wood came up with the veneer. I was soooo upset :(
I normally fix minor imperfections, but this one has a major hole that no matter what I did, couldn't be fixed.
So the top had to be painted.
Please forgive the lousy pics. It was night time and I just couldn't wait to snap them. 
 It had some great details that really do pop (more than the pictures show)

 See all those lovely lines? And these knobs were actually planned for another project but I thought they belonged on this one. I don't mind switching things up at the last moment :)
 I always love both legs and great details that just add all that character that we crave in older things :)

 Great knobs :)
One of these days I'm going to come across one that I know will be a forever piece for just me...but till then, I am just trying to bring together lost pieces and the people they belong to :)