Wednesday 15 August 2012

Some days...and new buffet

This summer is just flying by. I know every summer is like that, but this one especially. 
I find myself wanting, and dreaming about being at the cottage and working. I seem to get so much more done there. Maybe it's because I don't have people calling me and demanding my attention, or maybe because by the time I get there, I've already bought the supplies I need and don't have to run out to get more. Either way..I get a LOT more done there than at home. 

Case in point...actually two. 

I picked up this bar for a friend/client in June...and since she wasn't in a hurry, it kept getting pushed to the side. I finally finally got to work on it and finished it up last night. 
I can't seem to locate the before picture...but it was a very light blonde with a cover over the front that folded down. She wanted it to be open and dark. Who knew that stripping blonde wood would be so hard...and all those corners...oyyyyyy 
But I think it turned out amazing. The pics aren't the greatest since I just snapped them with my phone. I hope to get better pics up and replace them tonight or tomorrow. 

Pay no attention to the messy floor, after all this is my workshop...unless  you ask my husband, then it's his garage..pfft. We'll discuss that one later. ;) 
My friend is coming next week to pick it up...but till then I'm going to put it inside and just enjoy looking at all that rustic beauty :) 

Then at the cottage I found this little beauty.

Isn't she pretty? Loving the brushed steel knobs? hahahaha
Well ok...can't you picture her naked? I I stripped her down. 
But this time I had help. The daughter of a friend of mine wanted to learn how to "strip" And we had a bit of fun on facebook talking about how I was teaching her the fine art of "stripping" If nothing else it gave us giggles. 
I really do need to learn how to take more "tutorial" kind of pictures. This isn't even half way stripped back yet. 
But we eventually got there, and I think Em has discovered a new talent and passion :) 

Again, the top I left Au-natural! Well with stain, but close enough :) 
The bottom received a good coat of chalk paint in white. I let that dry overnight and then got to work on my "design" I painted a blue/grey over it and let it almost completely dry...then working as quickly as I could without damaging the picture in my brain...I started an all over sanding. The pictures don't show it really well but it looks like a bit of worn denim. 
The night I finally got around to taking pictures (after finally installing all the hardware, getting new hinges and mounting the doors) it had started to rain and I didn't dare take it outside. 
So again..messy workshop and lousy lighting ( I will use every excuse I can for my lack of picture taking talent) 
So before you get tired of are the afters. 

 I obviously replaced all the knobs add sparkle :)
 For those of you who know....I'm a "leg" gal...and just love curves and shapes and old goodness.

 The inside was painted and sealed. I love the clean look

 So much design sweetness on this girl...

I really hope she will be happy in her new home. :)


  1. You've been nominated for "One Lovely Blog" award!! Check it out at:

  2. Dear Crafty Canadian, I would love to know your name!
    I just nominated you for a Tell me about yourself Award. I love your blog and your sense of humor!
    I loved this buffet, I have one very similar in greta shape I am afraid to paint it...
    Plese do not feel pressure to write a post about the award, but it would be great to know more about you. I could not find your name in your blog.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Beautiful work again, love the buffet