Thursday 4 April 2013

Desk Rescue

I'm in love with desks. 
Especially solid wood ones. 
Oh I know there are all kinds of desks out there made just for your computer. You know the glass ones or the ones with a flip down top drawer for your keyboard etc. But really, who needs that anymore with most people using laptops? 
A couple of weeks ago I picked up two awesome desks. 
 This first one is destined for my daughter in college. I did one for her when she first moved out but because of living arrangements she had to sell it. Now she needs a different one that takes up less space but gives her room for her laptop and her books.
This one is now for sale. I wasn't in love with the handles but I did love all the solid wood and the size is somewhere between an adult desk and a childs desk. The height is adult..but the space between the drawers is slightly smaller than normal. 

Both desks were stripped right down, sanded and stained, then paint added, distressed and sealed. 
This is what I came up with. 

 My daughter loves it!

And there is even space under it for books! The size is perfect for her. Now to get it to her. Looks like a road trip for me :) 

 Now go back and look at this desk "before"
 Don't these handles suite this desk more?
 I am sooooooooooo pleased with how this turned out. It's all ready for it's new home.
 Well maybe...I might add some lining to the drawers..hmmmmmm
It's just so perfect now. Vintage, solid and ohhh so pretty :) 

I'm working on an amazing bedroom set for a client, so I guess I should get back at it. 


  1. They both look great. Love the handles.

  2. Beautiful! Love the colour and the wood tops :) Autumn greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla