Thursday 2 May 2013

Fun places and things

We are having a wonderful time in the Southern USA. 
We managed to rent a cottage on a lake that is really a home away from home. I would strongly suggest this way of traveling if you are planning on staying in one place. 
 We woke up one morning to the lake being totally fogged in, through the fog we spotted this Canadian goose and just had to snap a picture.
Of course when the fog isn't in, we enjoy this view from our back deck. 
 We have plenty of places to just sit back and relax. Which we do at the beginning and end of each day.
But for the most part we are off enjoying the area.
The first couple of days were spent with friends of ours from New Jersey. 
But they abandoned us to go back to "work" Lame excuse I tell you...really 
So we went exploring. 
 The town of Aiken South Carolina is filled with random horses.
 We found one that says "mustang" which is my husbands favorite of course we had to have a picture.
 And for some reason he wanted a picture of me.
Then a sweet couple who were picking up a wedding license agreed to take our picture together. 
We explored some historical homes, and this one was a summer house but is now a museum, we hope to go inside today. 
I'll post pictures of some of the places we saw yesterday in another post..
Hope your week is as amazing as ours is. :)

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