Tuesday 28 May 2013

Antique sewing machine...with a twist.

I'm sure you have all seen them. 
The antique sewing machine. 
You know, the treadle ones. The oh so pretty ones that no one really uses anymore. But the ones that don't break and remind us of times gone by. 

There are so many things you can do with the base that it's really hard to pass up. I've had a few myself and have one waiting for attention at the moment in my basement. 

But last week I was confronted with something totally different. 

 Doesn't look like your average antique machine now does it?
 LOVE all the details. But since my client wanted it all brought back to natural, I had great fears.

 See how it folds open the same as the Singer models?
 But all the "guts" are hidden behind a door. Such a cool idea here.

 First things first...I had to get that ripped and warped veneer off. Two layers and we were down to wood! 

Lots of stripping, sanding and staining later....we have a finished product!

 Who knew it was solid oak under all that old stain? The flash makes this look lighter than it really is.
 See how wonderful that top came out? I don't miss the veneer even a little bit.

 Everything is as smooth as butter. I love that!
 Now for the inside. I did NOT refinish the inside. To do a proper job I would have had to remove everything (disassemble it) and I had great fears that I would somehow mess it up and it would no longer work. So I left it alone.
 I ok'd it with the owner before even starting so there would be no surprises. She was good with that :) PHEW!
 Now check out all those details...ohhh yes. Love it all.
Sometimes you just need a small break from painting, and this was a perfect piece to do that with. 
Hope you all enjoy your Tuesday. :) 

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Savvy Southern Style 
Elizabeth and Co.  


  1. It turned out beautifully! But it could have been really cool painted too! Great job! LOTS of hard work in that piece!

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