Thursday 13 June 2013

What to do with an old headboard.

A while back (like 6 months ago) I did a bedroom set for a client. You can see it HERE
I switched out the headboard to something that fit the set but was just a tad more fancy. 
So after that was done, I was left with a double headboard and no bed to go with it. 
What to do, what to do. 
I thought maybe I would make a bench...but that just didn't seem quite right. 
So I thought and thought and thought. 
Then inspiration  hit! 

Why not create a coat rack. 
BUT it's big!
And just how many hooks can you put up without it just looking a bit silly? 
I've been doing a lot of chalk boards lately and that just seemed like a good combination. 

 I brought the two together. .
 Found some wonderful "vintage looking" hooks at my "go to" store for anything vintage looking.
 It has hooks on the back so it can be easily hung up.
 Distressed and glazed.
 And a frame made for the chalk part.
Don't you just love it? 
I asked hubby if we could fit it in somewhere....and he rolled his eyes. 
Husbands..they have no vision ;) 

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