Thursday 20 June 2013

Harvest table to Desk

Sometimes a project just seems to good to be true. 
The price is right and the vision is clear. 

Check out the harvest table I picked up at a yard sale last week. 

Very simple
Notice the two tops? The original was hollowed out for what reason? I have no idea but they did a fairly nice job with the new top. A bit uneven but nothing I couldn't fix. 
Which I did. 
Then to decide what to do....something a little out of the ordinary I think. 
But should it be black or red? 
I could picture both. 
I chose RED! 
And this is what I did. 
I love it. 
 I could have left the top plain right...but why do something boring like that?
 Just a couple of spots of distressing and re used the original handle.
 I love how the stripes make the perfectly bold statement without being "in your face"

I hope the new owners will love it as much as I do :) 

Miss Mustard Seed


  1. This turned out great! The top stain looks amazing - the stripes are great too!

  2. Cool retro look! Pinning:)