Tuesday 2 July 2013

Antique Vanity redo and a couple of lessons

A few weeks ago I picked up this amazing vanity (without mirror)
 Isn't she pretty? I mean even in it's raw state I'm very impressed.
 Solid wood, no veneer (always a bonus!)
 and just perfect in just about every way
Well except for that stain on top...go back and look at that first picture.
See that stain?
This is my attempt at "fixing" the problem. Unfortunately I couldn't get it all out. The stain was simply to deep :(
So being the kind of crafty person I am...I went with plan B!

 Isn't she sweet? I love the painted top, and I normally don't.
 And the details...all I have to say is YUM!

 Of course you all know by now that I'm a real sucker for amazing legs. This one is no exception.

 Then I found a chair that I thought would match very nicely. Yes the seat is missing, but you know something? I forgot my stapler. I brought everything else I needed to the cottage, but totally forgot the stapler. No worries, that will happen this coming weekend :)

So now I work on something totally different. Working on an antique card catalog. Can't wait to share. 
Ohhh preview? Of course
Here she is
Any idea on what I'm going to do with this? 
Keep guessing. 


  1. I love that dresser! The paint colors are just fabulous!

  2. The vanity is a beautiful grey! Are you going to keep looking for a mirror for her?