Tuesday 1 October 2013

From a Hutch to a Bar...who would have thought?

Sometimes my clients come to me and offer to sell me things they no longer want in order to reduce the price on things they do want. 
I have no problem with this. It's a great way to get things I may not have gotten otherwise. 
That's what happened with this piece. 

I sold them something and I bought something.
I bought this Buffet and Hutch
 Obviously this is the bottom.
And this is the top. 
I never did picture them in my mind as something that would go together. So I separated them. 
Then another client of mine bought this. 
And had me paint it like this
I know I know..seems like a long story to get to that bar I'm talking about in the title of my post...but trust me we are getting there, and maybe in the process you will better understand the life of a furniture junkie. :) 
Once she bought this she showed me this. 

I of course fell in love!! And agreed to do an exchange with her...I would take hers and she would get the first picture plus have me redo another piece for her. 
So that bottom had a new home and now looks like this. 

Which left me the top part. 
Which was ok, since I had an idea forming in my mind on what to do with it. 
I found some awesome legs along with an iron grill...and I set to work. 
Then another client came to pick up another piece I had done for her and fell in love with the top piece...so we talked...and a deal was made. 
And a hutch was transformed. 
Just a pic to remind you of how it started. 
And now the reveal ! 
 This is the "back" of the hutch which became the "front" of the bar. The grill was found at a yard sale and transformed a bit (thanks to hubby) painted and attached to the new front of the bar.
 I used a flash to show the colours better, but it really doesn't stand out this much.
 Trim was added to give it more character.  Some paint and glazing.
 New (to me) legs were added.
 Built a new top and added it to the bar.
 The inside was painted. And holes cut into the side. For now she is using this as a combination liquor cabinet/entrainment unit.

Wine glasses can still be hung upside down. 

I know the story was a bit confusing and there were a few more twists and turns...but I tried to keep it simple here. 
Ohhh and I have to show you the bow front Sideboard. 
But maybe I should wait for another post. :) 

I just love when things go where they belong and with whom they belong. 


  1. Hi titia
    You are so talented. Great transformations. It's amazing how paint can change the look of furniture. I'm working on an old metal cabinet with 36 drawers.

    1. Thanks Doreen
      I love when I see a finished product as soon as I see a piece. Can't wait to see your Cabinet!

  2. That is a beautiful piece! Great job!

  3. Wow - this is an awesome reimagined piece! I love your work and the furniture swapping you have going on with your clients. I found you over at Savvy Southern Style Wow Us Wednesday Linky Party. Always a pleasure coming across another Canadian blogger!

  4. Aren't you brilliant! Featuring your bar in this week's PoPP Spotlight.