Monday 7 October 2013

The ho hum becomes fabulous (ironing board redo)

If you refinish furniture, 
you know how much "fun" an auction sale can be. 
Some auction sales are not so much fun, some have way to many people who pay way to much for stuff. 
I know, I've spent many an hour at these auctions. 
Then there are auctions where things move smoothly and the prices are fabulous! 

I went to one fabulous auction on the weekend. 
If only I had a bigger truck, I would have bought so much more. 
The auction had a time line and there were other events at that location that day, so everything had to be gone, and I just didn't have time to run everything home, come back and load up again. 
So I bought what I could. 
I came away with a planer! 
Seriously how cool is this?? 
I know a lot of people have no clue what this does, but it's awesome for taking old boards (barn boards mostly in my case) and making it smooth enough to work with :) 
I may not use it often, but it's there now for when I need it and I no long have to worry about transporting a pile of wood to my father in laws. As much as I love him and appreciate his willingness to let me use his "stuff" I'm thrilled to have my own. 
I also came away with this.
A mid century cabinet. 
I removed the sliding glass for moving. I'm developing an idea for this...but it's an idea in progress :) 
Then there is this. I'm not sure what it is exactly, but it's bar height and on casters. My husband is wanting to use this in the workshop..but I think it would be a great outdoor bar. What do you think? 

I also came away with this amazing table! 
 First picture is getting ready to load it. and the others of it set up with leaves.
 I couldn't get these legs off...seriously they don't come off!!
I can't wait to get started on this! it's amazing, and it looks to be very very early 1800's!

Then to the pieces I had the most fun with :) 
Two old ironing boards. 
I've seen some fun stuff done with these and I love them. 
The one on the right is the older one. From what little I could find on them, the one on the right is made here in Canada and is roughly from 1910. The other is probably from the 1930's. 
While I was waiting for paint to dry I grabbed the older one and had some fun with it. 
 Sanded it down then painted the top with an off white. Added some green stripes and painted the legs to match the stripes.
 Then distressed it to look really worn from everyday use.

 I'm seriously in love.
I can picture this folded up in a laundry room for real use...or as a table in a hall or when you have company over to set extra food on...or even behind a couch with a lamp on it. 
I love it :) 


  1. A planer makes my heart thump very fast. What a great great machine to have. I am following, love the stripe painted ironing board.

    1. I know right? When I got home a neighbour was over and was laughing at me because I was almost jumping out of my skin from excitement lol

  2. Wow! I love that table with leaves! Your ironing board turned out great! What perfect finds!

  3. Oh my! You came away with some fabulous treasures at your last auction! You are right, sometimes there are just too many people, willing to pay WAY too much $$$ But you did great. I am LOVING your ironing board! You really had a great vision..... Great work !!!
    hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  4. Oh I love those ironing boards. How fun. I would love for you to link up to my Inspire Me party that is ongoing - - Hope to see you there. Hugs, Marty

  5. When we downsized to our little cottage, we got rid of lots of stuff and one thing was my little wooden ironing board from my sewing room. Now I could kick myself.

    Love how yours turned out.