Wednesday 17 December 2014

Santa collection (my Christmas adddiction)

I think we all have our collections. Especially those of us that are in this remodeling/recreating business. 
I love my clocks and scales
My husband is loving the scales and he now has an obsession for vintage fans. 

But when it comes to Christmas it's a whole new ball game. 
I love sleds. But so far I've kept it to really small ones. They can take up so much room, and I just don't want to deal with it. (for now...the time will come) 

It's really Santa I'm obsessed with. 
But they have to be different than the traditional ones. 

 I try very hard to keep them together, in one section of our great room. I think my family would declare a mutiny if they started popping up all over the house. 
 This one is the only really "traditional" one that I have. I picked this one up in the summer at a yard sale. Santa moves, lights up and recites "Twas the night before Christmas" I thought my grandson would love it. (in time)
 I have some porcelain one and some that are cloth and others that I think were meant for the top of the tree. I even have one that was probably popular 20 years ago with the coloured fiber optic lights
 See how most are gathered?
 I like to find unusual ones...or ones that have great facial expressions.

 This is my newest one. I seldom see them with grey clothes and I'm really in love with grey this year.

And what tree would be complete without a paper mache santa? I mean if you have to have an addition you have to go all the way right? 

What are you addicted to at this time of year? 
Come on, you can tell me. 
My sister loves her snowmen...and I totally feed her addiction. She's gotten a few from me this year. :)


  1. And I love them all....and thanks for the coasters I just got today!!!

    1. Your welcome....will send you a pic of the penguin when I get back from shopping (phone in the truck, to lazy to get

  2. No particular Christmas decorations, but I do have over 20 ceramic jack-o-lanterns. Most of them with scary faces (which are harder to find).