Thursday 18 December 2014

Painted floor mat

Here in Canada this time of year brings lots of wet boots into the house and most people (us included) have floor mats to catch the worst of it. 
Of course that means these floor mats look very old before their time. 
Ours was no exception. 

See how uneven that colour is? That used to be one nice evenly dark coloured mat. Now it just looked sad. 

So bring out the chalk paint. 
One layer of grey, let it dry, tape up a simple design and go at it with a couple of layers of cottage white. Distress (it's going to get distressed anyway) 
Seal it with a couple of coats of poly and give the dogs a treat for not even looking at the mat while I worked. 
So here she is! 

Just in time for all that Christmas traffic!

This took me one day to do. 
I wish I had done it last year. But when I mentioned it to hubby last year he put a damper on my idea by simply saying NO!
This time when the urge struck I waited till he left for work and didn't mention it to him till he came home. 
His exact words were "I LOVE IT, that looks great!"
Then he turned to me and asked how worried I was he would hate it. See he remembered the conversation last year. 
Sneaky man. 
Sneaky me. 
What did Shakespeare say? 
"All's well that ends well" 

Miss Mustard Seed


  1. Hi, What a great idea! What was your mat made of? My monitor makes it look like wood. Thanks for your time and have a great Christmas.

    1. Cathy...the mat is made of bamboo, so super easy to work with :)