Saturday 17 January 2015

I'm BACK!!!!

The holidays are over and I've been busy.....working that is. 
But I've been lazy on this blog and I plan on fixing that. 
Lets hop right in and show you just what I've been up to. Oh my, this may take a while. One project at a time. 

First up......
This bedroom set. 
 I have no idea why these pics uploaded in a different order than I grabbed them. But it's early and I'm just going to go with it.
 Found this set at auction and I just couldn't resist. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shape of the bed. Isn't it sweet? And did you see the legs? How could you miss it, first pic. :)

 Tall boy with so many possibilities.
I couldn't wait to get them home (to the studio) and start on them. Thankfully they were sold before I even started, so I had direction in what to do with them. 
Wanna see the after pics? 
Of course you do. 
Why read blogs if you only got the before pics? Right? 
 They were in such amazing condition I couldn't bring myself to paint the they were stripped and refinished. The rest was painted and glazed.

 And a bit of fun added to the inside.

 The legs turned out even more amazing than I pictured in my mind. (trust me I did a happy dance when I got the first one done...thankfully I was alone as I did my whoop dance)

Right now they are all covered up and waiting for the new owners to move into their new home. I can't wait to see what they look like all done up in an actual room..