Friday 23 January 2015

Great Junking weekend!

So it's been a while since I've been out actually looking for pieces. 
And it's been a bit accidental. 
I've been a part of a site called Varage. It's kinda like Craigslist or kijiji, but you have to be a member and it's more personal. 
It's free, which is always a bonus for me. I would hate to have to pay to offer or buy stuff. 
It started with me seeing this wonderful piece. 

 I had to have it.
Isn't it pretty? Now it was in Port Huron (that's in Michigan) and I'm in Ontario...that's in Canada. 
Now for those of you who think you can't bring things across the border. Fear not! I've done it dozens of times and have yet to have an issue. 

On my way back I decided to stop in at a few of the places I normally hit that carry good furniture at decent prices. 
The first few places were a bust. 
But then I hit my fav place and BINGO! 
I emptied my 
 First up is this wonderful Dresser. Great shape, needs updating, but it's going to be so well worth it.

Even the mirror is in exceptional condition. I love these pieces because they are generally very well made and very sturdy. Not a lot of repair is ever needed on them. 

 Then this wonderful Harvest table. I had a good look at it before I bought it and noticed the nails. If you have time, do a bit of research on nails. You can almost always find the age of a piece just by the shape of the nails. And trust me not all square nails are equal. I am going to date this piece to early to mid 1800's...just by the nails alone.
Isn't this drawer sweet? 

Finally this amazing desk. 
 Just the look of the desk is sweet....but what I found inside was something so unique I've never seen it before.
 That's a safe. It's built right into the desk. I need to get a picture of the back of this thing. There is the lock on the safe and then the doors also have locks. But on the back of the other side is a cheater hole that allows someone to get in and out without a key. Strangest thing I've ever seen.
So some great finds. 
A few small things, some drawers and lots of frames. 

What have you found lately? 

36th Avenue

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