Tuesday 20 January 2015

A non boring entertainment unit.

When you say the words Entertainment Unit what comes to mind? 
Something like this? 
Yup..me too. A lot of people are moving away from things like this. We don't even have one. Our TV sits on the wall. Not that the tv ever goes on...but that's another story. 

I love that everyone seems to be thinking outside the box now when it comes to places to place their TV's. 
Last week I picked this up
I thought it would make a wonderful entertainment unit or buffet. Maybe it was the glass that got me. I just couldn't leave it. 
And it sold
Before I had the chance to paint it. Which is wonderful. That way it's not just my vision for a finished product...I get to have collaborators. :) 

We hashed out a few ideas and came up with something absolutely wonderful. 
What do you think? 
 I'm in love. I think I say that a lot. Maybe it's just an addiction to furniture. Either way I thought the finished product would be great in any home.
 You know how some pieces fit this style or that style...this one has it all.

 And if the new owner ever wants to change it out and make it into something else....perfect. It can become anything.

Can't wait for her to meet this piece in person next week. 
Till then I'm just going to enjoy looking at her. (and yes, in my mind this is a her) 

What would you have done with her? 

Savvy Southern Style
Miss Mustard Seed 
36 Avenue 


  1. Oh that's fabulous - you did a great job with that - I am in love too!

    Love the glass - well done, ma'am!

  2. You're right it is perfect for just about anything and anywhere. I'm with Michele above - the glass is beautiful. What paint did you use (company, finish, etc.)? My monitor shows grey then green then blue all of which I like.

    1. Hi Cathy.
      I used a Behr flat paint. It's a greyish green colour and then glazed along the edges with a brown before sealing it with a poly. Every time I walk into the studio and am amazed at how beautiful it is. Thanks :)