Sunday 21 June 2015

Old stereo redo.

Remember all those old stereo's?
You know, the long ones that sat in everyones living rooms?
This obviously is not the one I picked up...but you get the idea. 

Most are no longer working, and if they were, who still has 8 track tapes or records? 
So I never feel bad about taking them apart and redo'ing them. 

I took mine apart, ripped out the guts and did this. 

 I always (almost always) love the details that were put into these pieces. They really were meant to be fine furniture in the home.
 And now this pretty is going to be a part of someone else home. 

The top even slides out for storage. What a great place to put all those winter things, or shoes or whatever. 
I love when a plan comes together in such a pretty way. :) 

Elizabeth & Co.
The 36th Avenue
Miss Mustard Seed  

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