Wednesday 3 June 2015

I thought it was unsavable

Last year I picked up a drop leaf table. 

I don't think I have any truly "before" pictures. 
It was really rough. See the light spot? 
I thought maybe I could save it...but that light spot is wood fill to fill in the burnt portion that I was "hoping" to sand out of it. 
Obviously that didn't work. 
That wasn't the only thing "wrong" with it. The legs actually had to be put back on. and the fold down side pieces were soaked and straightened. 
It was a long hard process...and I was so frustrated that I completely left it alone for the winter. I actually contemplated cutting my losses and tossing it on the burn pile at the cottage. 

Then I got my back up and told myself it didn't need to be "perfect" it needed to be saved. 
So I got back at it this week and saved it. 

 After painting it completely white to give it a base for a later treatment I almost left it completely red.

 Already it was looking so much better.
After letting it dry.....I started the fun work. 

 The top and edges got a really good sanding. Not only giving it a final smooth finish...but letting it really shine.

 I left the base without distressing.
 I thought those lovely legs could shine all on their own.

 Now normally I like tops and bottoms to be different colours, but this one just wanted to be the same.

Isn't she lovely? 

Sorry for the workshop pictures. 
But I do try to keep it all real :) 

Miss Mustard Seed

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