Tuesday 26 March 2013

Birthday Special.

Nope...it's not my birthday. 
Got that out of the way. 

Remember this set? 
You can read about it HERE
About a week later the husband from the couple this went to was doing some work for me and I mentioned that I saw another set that looks very similar to the one that I did for them...but that it was more money than I was willing to pay for it. 
He got very interested and told me how he still didn't have any drawers for his stuff...that his wife kinda took over all of them. 
He also mentioned that he would be willing to buy them if I could redo them and he could give them to his wife for her birthday. 
I'm sure you can see where this is going. 
This is what was brought home
 I know what you are thinking. This is not an exact match. You're right. It's not, but the top is and the legs are. And when done they will fit right in :)

How wonderful are they? 
Again, solid wood with a veneer on top. I love this. I can't wait to find a set that will be "mine" :) Someday...someday.
So I set to work. I posted before pics on my facebook page and the wife didn't say anything. 
Then I posted "after" pics yesterday morning when they were done. 
 I used the same colour and technique as the other set and loved how they turned out.

Almost right away she posted that she wanted to "buy" them. I ignored the post. See I hadn't gotten a hold of her husband to let him know they were ready for pick up. 
I sent him a message. 
Then she sent me a text asking to buy. So I called him. 
See I'm the worst liar on the face of this earth. I even have a hard time lying through text. Now that I'm thinking about it....hmmmmm they can't see a lie on the other end of a text can they. This should have been a breeze..lol 
Anyway, I did manage. 
I told her it was a custom order and sorry but they were spoken for. PHEW...made it. I lied! Well kind of. 

They were a custom order and they were spoken for, so technically I didn't really lie :)
The husband came and got them. 
Then last night I got a short text. 
"you are so sneaky! I love them!" 

Have a wonderful Birthday my friend :)

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  1. Oh yes, sneaky but in such a good way! What a beautiful set of furniture!
    Debbie :)

  2. What a fun adventure to read about--- I inched down your post reading thinking "Wonder if she's gonna try to lie-- maybe she shouldn't. Naw, she should, no she shouldn't". LOL You pulled it off and the pieces are lovely!! Fun story to read. Thanks for sharing

    Stopping by via: Miss Mustard Seed's linky party
    Happy Easter!
    Smiles, Suz @ MaytagNMom in Illinois
    My Project For This Week's Linky Parties

  3. So glad you were able to pull off the surprise with such a beauty! I'm featuring your project in the PoPP Spotlight this week. Thanks for linking up.