Monday 18 March 2013


Sometimes I just have to state the obvious. I'm surrounded by white this week. 
It's snowing outside. I'm so ready for spring. 
Officially it's only two days away, but it seems like forever with all the snow we've had in the last two months. 
I'm dreaming of this

And inside..White is the colour of the week. 
I just finished a white custom order and am working on a totally white bedroom set. 

The custom order is for a friend of mine. She is one busy lady and although she can do it herself she opted to have me do these two pieces for her. 
 I quickly snapped these pics when they came in because I know I'm horrible at taking before pictures. I love this dresser. What a lovely curve to it eh?
 And check out this vintage hutch? My friend makes stained glass and replaced the glass in this herself. 
She wanted it all white and distressed to match the chairs she did for her dining room. 
So that's what I did. 

 Didn't she turn out wonderfully?
 I did remove the glass and paint the decorative wood piece along with the entire inside.
 This piece has a fair amount of distressing to show it's wonderful age. 
Now why is it that we women don't want our natural "distressing" showing? (I know, random thought)
 I'm always in love with legs like these. They are just so majestic don't you think?
Funny story for a min. As I was taking this piece apart before starting I opened this drawer to find it still full of family pictures. I set it all up and took a pic to send to my friend. She groaned since she had asked her daughter to empty that drawer. I laughed because it exactly how my own kids would have left it if I had asked them....ohhh the joys of having pre teen and teen kids :) 

The second piece..the dresser was stripped and had the top restained. 
 I know the one handle is missing. This is my fault. For some reason after cleaning them (before painting them) I left one in the kitchen and so it didn't get painted with the rest. Talk about having a mini panic when putting it all together again and one piece was missing!
 The top drawer is one drawer but it's sectioned off. Very handy for those of us who love to organize things. When this dresser came it me the inside was pink. Great for a little girl, not so great for a piece that will find it's home in a living room. So I painted this a vintage much better right?

 Aged in all the right places. :)

I'm not done with white for a bit yet. 
I have a complete bedroom set to do. Wait till you see it all :) 
Stay warm if you are where it's cold..which I think tonight is most of North America. 

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  1. Both pieces came out wonderful. I know it had to be a ton of work!