Thursday 7 March 2013

Longggg dresser redo

I can't believe how quickly this week is flying by, look it's already Thursday!
I'm in a Dresser kind of phase right now. 
And I've come across some pretty awesome ones too. 
Last night a friend of mine dropped off this amazing bedroom set for me to redo, that will be for another post. 
But last week my partner in crime (aka Jo) found this dresser at the Re store.

I know...the pictures aren't the best and my dog (Riffy) managed to get himself in the shots. 
He's such a suck you know, he loves the camera and as soon as I pull it out he no longer walks behind me he has to be close to whatever I'm taking pictures of. 

I absolutely love the curve on the front of this dresser. So often with these types of dresser there is a bit of design, but everything is flat. 
I'm still loving the natural tops so I set to work and stripped and sanded this girl down and gave her top a wonderful deep colour, then painted the base a very light green. In most light it looks off white but in very bright light you can see the hint of green to it. 
 Isn't she pretty now? I saved the hardware. Scrubbed it all down and gave it a flat black coat of paint.

 The top came out amazing. And check out the insides of the drawers? They were all in great shape and all of them had this faux newsprint. How cool is that?

 After some poly and a final sanding, she is ready to go to her new home! 

Now to run to the grocery store and get to work again. Finishing up another dresser, chair and get to work on that bedroom set.