Monday 27 January 2014

What to do when storm stayed at home.

We are in the middle of one of the worst winters I can remember. 
Maybe it just seems bad, but I'm sure a lot of you will agree with me. 

So since I've been stuck inside a LOT, I've had a lot of time to look around my house and do things I've been meaning to do. 

Like my kitchen. Check it out HERE
Then I moved onto the bedroom, redid the furniture and then the walls and the closet and husbands office. I posted a bit about it HERE

Now our bathroom. 
I figured since I was up there anyway...I might as well do that too. 
So this weekend while the storms were passing through and my husband was out of the way (he's sick on the couch downstairs) I tackled the bathroom. 

I didn't get any before pictures, but I grabbed a couple of pictures of the guest bath which has the same cabinets.
 oops...dirty lens
 Very very dark cabinets that collect dust. I'm an anti dust kind of gal and these were/are driving me nuts.
 So I painted them an off white. Did some distressed and painted the mirrors to match.

 I am totally loving the new rustic look.

 Now I have this hutchy type thing that has been sitting in my basement without a use for at least 2 years. Yes I said 2 years. I've always wanted something between the mirrors but could never figure it out. Then I thought of this piece but wasn't sure my hubby would go for it. I know it wouldn't have worked before the paint..but now I'm kinda digging it.
 I put it in place to give it a try...going to let it sit there for a day or two and if I still like it, I will fix it up, paint it and cut it to fit. Would like your opinion on it...would you do it?
 I replaced all the brushed nickle nobs with these wonderful porcelain ones I picked up at hobby lobby. 

 Now It's perfect...well almost.

Now to get some custom orders finished. Crossing my fingers it clears up enough for me to run to town and pick up some supplies. 

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  1. Like the painted cabinets -- really brightens things up! Not sure about the "hutch-thing." It seems either too tall or not quite tall enough -- I think you'll know after living with it for awhile.

  2. Hi Titia, nice to meet you, Love the transformation and that added counter shelf pulls it all together very nice! Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  3. LOVE! So pretty and I love that you ruffed it up a bit. I'm featuring your bathroom makeover in this week's PoPP Spotlight.